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Open for Business, Welcome!

Bouee Products are contagious. What started as a simple idea for my Pool has grown into a product-line with the best yet to come. As a skilled boater, with Coast Guard Certifications while in Grade School, I grew up around water. But somehow got stuck in Phoenix… for 35 years, I KNOW!

Anyway, Bouee is French for Buoy and hand made in Chandler, Az. The aluminum molds are machined at Tech Shop locally, and the plastic parts molded by hand, one at a time. Although Made in America (and partially in my home), some materials do come from Canada and Overseas.

For Bouee-Pro, the design of the Ballast weight is unique. It’s actually a SS Rod that’s inside the bottom of the blue pipe. It originally had a bolt on the end to capture it, but the fear was that folks might remove the bolt and the rod could drop on their foot. Plus, if someone were to dive in next to the Bouee, they could hit anything protruding on the end. Water should always be fun and safe!

So we came up with a re-forming process that re-heats and pinches the bottom end of the tube from three directions. Now the weight will not fall out unless you completely dismantle the product, including the top pin. Trust me, it almost nailed my foot a dozen times. That cannot happen.

More later as I detail out the products on this site.



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