Bouee Products are Made in the USA and backed by a 1 year unconditional warranty. If anything does go wrong, just ship it back for a free replacement.

The concept originated from a strong desire for being at the lake while in my backyard. Still boatless for years, I created a buoy for my pool and stuck it on a Chlorinator. When my friends started handing over cash for my prototypes, I realized its potential. So we tested it at the Sportsman’s Boat Show in March of 2017 and sold out of the “Slow No Wake” along with a few “No Peeing” and “Shark” prints. The local boat shops were also on-board, but I just couldn’t resist a spin-off product for boaters when at the lake.

Having owned at least a dozen boats in my past, I felt there was a huge opportunity for something better than an orange ball or a milk jug to mark your spot on the lake. I thought “How do you know which spot is yours?” or “How do my friends know where we’re camped if we’re out on the lake? Then there’s the problem of running them over because they’re so shallow in the water. And if the boat has any sort of Transom height, they’re hard to reach from in the boat. Not to mention the opportunity for custom signs that match your boat, business, club, or whatever (almost). One client wanted “No Pooping” – really? I can only imagine what people come up with next…

So I made some Lake Bouees with a few messages for a more personal touch, and tested them in May 2017 at Fiesta Days in Canyon Lake Ca. Interest was huge. The first one sold was the US Flag – how fitting being Memorial Day weekend.  The next sold was to a mom who wanted to protect her kids… So it’s no longer just for boaters, it’s for practically anyone going to the lake!

The back-story was just as interesting because Tech Shop Chandler (only 7 mi away) offered capability to design and cut my own Molds plus do Injection Molding for the plastic pieces. I had been around Manufacturing Equipment from the many years at Intel, but having access to creating my own molds was a dream. Not as easy as it looks, but loving the challenge in creating a great product.

The best is yet to come…

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